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What We Offer

IT Strategy Consulting

Assisting businesses in planning and strategizing their IT projects and systems

Full-cycle software development services

Building custom software for businesses of all sizes, from idea to release

User Interface and User Experience Design

Designing user-friendly interfaces and user experiences for web and mobile applications

Quality Control and Testing

Ensuring the quality of the software products we build through testing and analysis

AI-powered solutions

Unlocking the full potential of automation to increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance decision-making

Technical Support

Providing ongoing technical support and troubleshooting any issues with the software products we build

What We Built

Social networks

Developed custom social media platforms that met the unique needs of clients

Educational Platforms

Created e-learning and training platform for government schools, which was used by teachers and students to enhance their learning experience

Trading Platforms and E-Commerce Platforms

Developed platforms for online trading, marketplaces and e-commerce sites that handled transactions, inventory, and logistics

Poll Platforms

Built online platforms for conducting surveys for political campaigns

Financial Applications

Created financial tools and apps for investment


Developed secure and reliable crypto-exchanges that complied with regulations and provided a seamless user experience

Admin Panels

Created custom admin panels for managing and monitoring websites and applications

CRM Systems

Developed customer relationship management systems that automated sales, customer service, and marketing processes